What is Offshore DMCA Ignored Dedicated Servers

Offshore dedicated servers (DMCA Ignored Dedicated Servers) are a hosting solution where you rent an entire physical server located in a foreign country. It is different from a physical dedicated server, which would be located in your home or office. With an Offshore DMCA Ignored Dedicated Servers, you have complete control over the server resources and configuration. You have the benefit of hosting in another country, instead of your home country.

Offshore DMCA Ignored Dedicated Servers

Special Benefits Of Our Offshore DMCA Ignored Dedicated Servers

Special Benefits Of Our Offshore DMCA Ignored Dedicated Servers

No Hidden Charges

We value honesty and transparency in our services. However, we offer Offshore DMCA Ignored Dedicated Servers hosting with no hidden charges or extra fees. What you see is what you pay, no more no less.

Reliable Dedicated Servers

We offer you the best deals on Offshore DMCA Ignored Dedicated Servers. Moreover, our DMCA Ignored Dedicated Servers are fast, secure, and always online and the best choice for your online needs.

24/7 Technical Support

We are always ready to assist you with any issue related to your Dedicated Servers. No matter what time of day or night, we are here to help. Our technical support team is friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive.

Offshore DMCA Ignored Dedicated Servers Pricing Plan

Offshore DMCA Ignored Dedicated Servers Pricing Plan

Supermicro DC-1


Previous Price : €59.99

DELL DC-R200-3


Previous Price : €70.99



Previous Price : €185.99

DUAL E5-2620V4-1


Previous Price : €279.99

Supermicro DC-1


Previous Price : €109.98

DELL DC-R200-3


Previous Price : €120.98



Previous Price : €235.98

DUAL E5-2620V4-1


Previous Price : €329.98

Offshore DMCA Ignored Dedicated Servers Frequently Asked Question

Offshore DMCA Ignored Dedicated Servers Frequently Asked Question

Dedicated servers are delivered within max 72 hours after your order, then you will be notified by E-mail once the server is ready. Most of the time you will have your server within 60 minutes.

We only provide DDOS protection against “LARGE” attacks, not small ones, since attacks like NTP, SSDP, DNS amplification are filtered by our backbone.
For small attacks we advise to use a reverse proxy on your server (e.g. nginx) or use external services like Cloudflare.

It is not allowed to abuse our dedicated servers as a proxy between a content server in another network and Cloudflare.
Then, if we notice, your dedicated server will be suspended without any further notification.


Dedicated server within other network -> Our dedicated server used as proxy -> Cloudflare proxy.

We do not allow anything (related) to the following content, including:

– Spam
– Malware
– Phishing
– DDoS
– Brute force attacks (any form)
– Child Porn
– IP Spoofing / IP-Header Modification

When you use our servers as streaming server or as streaming relay servers, we require you to have a takedown tool, in order to deal with abuse reports within 20 minutes from notification by the copyright holder. If no such takedown tool is available or if we find out abuse is not being dealt with accordingly, it is not allowed to use our servers for streaming purposes.

We only provide refunds on NON-delivered Servers.

All our dedicated servers are unmanaged, we only manage the network connection and equipment. Although, if you have any software questions and we do have the knowledge to help you we will always do this!

You can also order Managed dedicated server; in that case we assign one of our support staff to manage your dedicated server for extra monthly fees.

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