Our next generation of Warez Web Hosting services offer a winning combination of great value, fast server speeds, reliable uptime, and they are backed up by our industry leading customer service. Give your website a good home and host it with us.

IR-Hosting also offer Business Hosting, which is a high-quality service with less accounts per server and greater resource allocations, making it suitable for busier websites and e-commerce stores.

warez web hosting



Nulled Script Web Hosting: (Vbulletin, IPB, WHMCS and etc.)

Warez Links Web Hosting: (Linking to RapidShare.com, MegaUpload.com and etc.)

Warez Web Hosting: (Hosting Heavy Files, Images, Download TV Series, Download Movies and etc.)

Heavy Files Hosting: (You are allowed to fill up all your space with Heavy Files, File Hosting.)

Download Web Hosting: (You can use our service to run download website.)

One Week Money Back: (Guarantee!), Try us risk-free. In case that you aren’t satisfied with any aspect of our service, you can cancel your purchase and get a full refund within 7 days.

 24x7x365 Support: We are available 24x7x365 to assist you with any problems or issues you may have. We are proud of our reputation for the best support in the industry and we are here to help you when you most need it.


Fishing Website: It can include fishing reports, fishing tips, fishing charters, and advice on various fishing techniques and equipment.

Attack Website: Website that is used to launch cyber-attacks.

Adult/Porn Website: Website that hosts pornographic content or provides hosting services for pornographic content.

Fraud Website: Website that is created with the intention of deceiving users into providing sensitive information or downloading malicious software.

Spam/email Website: Any kind of unwanted, unsolicited digital communication that gets sent out in bulk. It can be via email or SMS form.

Malware: Any malicious software that is designed to harm or disrupt computer systems, networks, or devices.

99.9% Uptime: We pledge to deliver at least 99.9% uptime each and every month.

Servers’ location: Netherlands, 100 mbps Connection, 99.99% Uptime! with Ignore DMCA Complains.