Affiliate Program- Earn 10% commission recurring

Start Affiliate Program & Earn More Money

By joining our Affiliate Program, you will Earn 10% commission recurring every month for the life of the account you referred to us. Simply join our program, promote to targeted visitors and wait for the money to start rolling in.

Our system tracks the source of every visitor to our web site with the 90-day cookies, and make sure that you never lose a commission even if the customer waits for three months before purchasing.

How To Start!

How To Start!

Activate Affiliate Account

Please sign up and log in to your client area, find the ``Affiliates`` tab then click on the Activate Affiliate Account button.

Promote To Targeted Visitors

Promote to targeted visitors, invite your friends and family who are looking for quality web hosting solutions.

Earn Money & Get Paid

Earn 10% commission recurring every month for the life of the account you referred to us. The more people you refer, the more you earn.

Our Comission Policy

Our Comission Policy

Affiliate Program - Earn 10% commission recurring

Commission payments will not be paid until the signup is 10 days old. Due to potential charge backs and fraudulent orders placed for our services. This grace period simply allows us to ensure that we are going to get paid for the services rendered by your referral.

All affiliates earn 10% of recurring commission of our revenue from the referral. What makes the IR-Hosting affiliate program unique and attractive is the recurring commission you will get as long as the referred account is active.

“The IR-Hosting has come with this new concept to give more profit & commission to its affiliates to encourage them work harder and earn more. Unlike the rest of the affiliate systems, we’ll pay commissions for as long as the referral customer stays with us.

Products NameComission RateTerms and Conditions
Warez Hosting10%Recurring Commission
RapidLeech Hosting10%Recurring Commission
Download Hosting10%Recurring Commission
Reseller Hosting10%Recurring Commission
Dedicated Server€10 Fixed, One timeEvery New Sale Only